Board Members

The idea began on a mother son trip in the Keys in 2013. Four boys sat around and talked about the state of the Indian River Lagoon and how they might be able to raise awareness and help improve it’s condition. Together with their Mom’s help, they gathered a few more friends and created Lines in the Lagoon-an annual fishing tournament for kids. The first tournament was in 2014 with all monies raised going back into conserving the Indian River Lagoon through organizations like Coastal Conservation Associated of Florida and Ocean Research & Conservation Association.

For 9 years now, new kids have continued their work and kept the tournament going. Lines in the Lagoon is now a 501(c3) and continues to raise awareness and money through their work on the board. To date, Lines in the Lagoon has raised $220,000 to put back into the Lagoon. Thank you to all the kids and parents who have donated their time to this organization and the Lagoon.

Original Founding 2014 Youth Committee

Bennett Collins
Steven Croom
Tommy Hammond
Bryce Hauser
Quin Hiaasen
Ritter Marchant
Barrett Rhymes
Michael Villafuerte

2024 Lines in the Lagoon Board

Mary Arden- Treasurer, In-Kind Donations
Kelley Della Porta - Sponsorship
Stephanie DiLella - Secretary, Event Support
Carrie Franco - President, Social Media, Registration
Lori Higdon - Sponsorship, Event Support
Lauren Melillo - Event Manager
Jennifer Nye - Sponsorship, Event Support

2024 Youth Committee
Dale Arden
Jack Della Porta
Will Della Porta
Henry DiLella
Zack Franco
Chandler Higdon
Cameron Melillo
Avery Nye
Chloe Nye